living in a state of crisis: how to move closer to a state of happiness and satisfaction

Living in a state of crisis: how to move closer to a state of happiness and satisfaction

If you live in a state of crisis, it means that the world we live in is either unstable or in danger because of on-going wars or other troubles, like serious health problems, malnutrition, or other. In other words, a crisis happens because there is a major obstacle to the development or to the goals, which often causes trauma and stress in the affected individuals.

Prem Rawat is an ambassador of peace who maintains that inner peace is within us. He shares words of peace to humanity so that peace could be settled on Earth. However, life constraints and stress prevents us from knowing how to achieve this goal. Hence, this article will serve as a guideline to move yourself to bliss and serenity when faced with a critical situation.

Living in a state of crisis: how to move close to a state of happiness and satisfaction?

Be happy, be grateful with everything

To be happy and self-satisfied, it is essential to find happiness in everything you do. For example, after you finish your job, it is good to be happy with it and give thanks for that. When you are given the opportunity to send your children to school, and to buy their basic needs, it is good to be contended and grateful too.

But you can be great and be joyful even for the simplest reasons, like the good weather, the good night sleep; and it is also important to be happy for the rain, without which life on earth won't be possible.

Cultivate self-actualization

Because happiness has a primordial role in life, it is vital that the state of self-actualization be nurtured. This consists of raising a feeling of conscious happiness in your Self. This is a positive act because of its ability to avoid judging or using any preconceived notions in finding happiness.

It is something in which the concerned individual is involved. Mindfulness can be induced through music, meditation, breathing, and other necessary techniques.

Focus on your present life

To move to internal peace and satisfaction, it is crucial that you forget about the harms caused by past conflicts or past failures, and get ahead in the present life to achieve more important goals. Prem Rawat said, "Every moment in your life is unique", and "This life that has been given to us as a precious gift."

Therefore, it is essential that we live every moment at the fullest, and forget the troublesome past events.

Find a self-fulfilling occupation

Another reason why it is hard to be zen is maybe because of your occupation. It is undeniable that our occupation, our job, takes up a great part of our time and conscious mind. Doing something we dislike will prevent happiness from knocking at our door. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for another job if your current job does not give you any opportunity for self-satisfaction.

Yet, if you cannot change your job, it is helpful to undertake more fulfilling activities like the ones, which promote humanitarian services to others. There are many humanitarian organizations, that you can join, such as the TPRF Foundation.

Surround yourself with positive people

When living in a state of crisis, it is essential to surround yourself with encouraging, optimistic people. These persons might be scholars, spiritual leaders, spiritual coaches, or wise men, whose words can uplift your mood. They will guide you on how to attain inner peace and bliss.

It is a good idea to spend time with them, and develop a positive attitude, triggering a state of satisfaction and happiness in your inner being.

Spread the messages of happiness

Like a peace mediator, it is helpful to spread the messages of bliss to other people. Certainly, there are many people, who live in worse plight than what you are living in.

If they are in your community or country, go and visit them, comfort them with the messages of peace from some peace ambassadors. Send the words of hope to your surroundings, to your acquaintances and relatives.