how to make people happier in a state of crisis

How to make people happier in a state of crisis

Everyone deserves to be happy and find peace. However, this is not that easy even if you live in a calm and serene surroundings and a good environment. And it is even less so in a country at war. Many NGOs and associations around the world are struggling with that fact: how to make people happy in a state of crisis. Whether it is a war or a famine, living happily in a state of crisis is hard but not impossible.

Bring hope

Hope is the main thing that people in a state of crisis need to find happiness. And hope can be brought by everyone. Just do as Prem Rawat did.

A transmitter of good news

We have the intellectual and technological means (with social networks) to decide to see the world as it is not necessarily shown in the media. We can choose optimism rather than resignation and fatalism (which is imposed on us). Use the resources of positive communication.

Act as soon as possible

The solutions are not in the criticism, but in the action. To find the strength to act, start by focusing on those who need you most. Then measure all resources you have and all your potential for change. Finally, go beyond the fear of failure and be bold.

Crazy projects you'll imagine

People in a state of crisis need people who believe in their projects. So to help them, you need to believe that peace is possible, giving food to everyone is possible, democracy and power to citizens is possible. Dare to believe in the fight you are fighting for to attract people to fight with you and believe that they deserve happiness.

Be a hero: help make a dream come true

Realizing the dreams of people in a state of crisis is easier said than done. Of course, there are dreams that are unfortunately impossible, too high or too big to achieve. But there are also all the “little” dreams that can come true! Reunite a family, a little trip, an activity never done, and many more nice little things which are not too demanding to do!

We have all those little dreams we cherish internally and which, despite the fact that they are almost at hand, have not yet been realized. So why not help this person realize one of his little dreams. In a state of crisis, the dream of many can be to find a job or to go to school. You cannot do that alone, of course, so find help with associations or NGOs like The Prem Rawat Foundation.

Encourage people

Sometimes, people only need encouragement to overcome their fear and find happiness. In a state of crisis, people are so busy so they often forget to encourage even their children.

Encouragement is free and full of great things. Especially when someone is afraid of doing something because of fear or lack of self-esteem, encouragement is the key. With great support and encouragement, anything is possible. So take the time to share your energy with people around you or strangers.